Unlock the momentum to move forward on your own dynamic path.


We all get stuck. Sometimes for days…sometimes for years.

And deep down, even when it doesn’t feel like it, we know what we’re being called towards — whether a new kind of work or a new way of being.

There are dozens of experts and hundreds of resources telling you the nuts and bolts of how to conceive and launch your dream business or get in shape or find the love of your life. But so often, even after we’ve signed on, committed time and money with all the best intentions, we just can’t generate the momentum to follow those steps. So often, even though we’re passionate about our idea or goal or desire, we’re just stuck in a way that we can’t understand. That stuckness can breed shame that fuels the cycle of stagnation. 

Transformative coaching digs under the surface of aspiration to find old patterns and limiting beliefs that keep us from moving forward on the path we envision -- or to envision the path when we can’t.

We dig into parts of ourselves that have internalized what we can’t do and release, heal and repattern them -- so more than being capable of following any expert’s advice, we can discern what to follow and what not to -- what truly serves us and what won’t. And even more importantly, we learn to find that direction from within our own intuition -- our gut, our instinct, our selves. 

My Integrative coaching goes even deeper, utilizing healing arts such as yoga therapy and Reiki in order to dig into and realign more subtly, deeply held blockages and patterns..

I also offer a niche integrative team building offering that incorporates group coaching with meditation and mindfulness training.

This work draws from multiple modalities and lineages in which I have trained and practiced since 2002. Each session is tailored to your needs to unlock the motivation, intuition, and momentum to guide you forward on your own dynamic path.

Ready to move forward?