After many years in a complicated professional creative working environment, I felt I was at a crossroads in my personal career life. Adina’s guidance instantly set me free to bravely explore the path I was born to travel. Her healing intuition helped me address blocks that I didn’t even know were hindering my progress. Adina’s warm, generous, and gentle demeanor is matched by the clarity of her vision and the strength of her mission. Without judgement, Adina opened doors for me toward creative freedom and trusting my truest inner goals. And with her encouragement, I feel integrated enough to walk through those doors with strength and conviction. I can’t thank her or recommend her highly enough, and I will definitely be returning for more sessions.
— Jocelyn M., Creative Entrepreneur, Brooklyn, New York

During a turning point in my life I was able to receive a Reiki session from Adina and she is a gifted healer. Months later I was able to meet her again for coaching session in the beautiful Catskill mountains and her wisdom and guidance over unconscious blocks brought light to some professional challenges. She is a gifted Kundalini instructor and my time with her allowed me to take a pause to reassess. I am extremely grateful for Adina’s guidance, empathy, wisdom and ability to listen. I highly encourage people to seek her guidance as she is experienced in several modalities.
— Shyda H., Writer and Real Estate Professional

Adina is a wonderful healer: intuitive in her approach, educated in several modalities, and serious about her own practice. She is able to give openly to those she treats.
— Lindsay, Writer/Editor/Photographer, NYC
Working with Adina brings me into deeper alignment with myself, clarifies my vision, and builds a sense of confidence and forward motion within that vision. Each session builds on the work from previous sessions and Adina’s skilled and intuitive guidance has unfalteringly helped to reveal, process, and integrate exactly what is needed at each moment along the way. The work nurtures and strengthens my sense of self-worth while allowing me to investigate some of the darker, more difficult aspects of my growth. Ultimately, it is helping me to bring those parts of myself into the light and face them in a way that centers my own personal, creative, and professional evolution. Adina is humble, receptive, and highly-skilled in these precious offerings.
— Rebecca P., Multi-media Artist/Teacher/Healing Arts Practitioner

Adina is not only a standout yoga teacher - incredibly knowledgeable about yogic philosophy and practice, the anatomy of yoga, and how to modulate difficulty for yogis of all levels - but she is also one of the kindest, sweetest people I’ve met doing yoga in the NYC area. I look so forward to her classes and hope you will too!
— Charlotte P., Filmmaker/Social Media Expert