Redesign the world in the image of your own dreams

—Brittany Packnett

Transformative coaching is not about creating surface-level changes in your life. It’s about digging deep to create comprehensive, sustainable shifts towards purpose, resilience, well-being and joy — in your own life and in the world you inhabit.

transformative coaching

I coach active and aspiring entrepreneurs, transitioning professionals and others to hone and balance intuition, momentum, and wellness with laser-sharp insight, through an intuitive coaching methodology designed to help align your path with your purpose as you navigate transitions in livelihood and life. This involves:

  • Establishing a safe and supportive “container” for the work we delve into;

  • Generating a clear, authentic vision for your path forward in your life and livelihood (getting clear on what YOU wants to create by sifting through expectations of others);

  • Constructing a path towards that vision involving concrete, actionable goals and accountability towards achieving them;

  • Digging under resistance to forward movement;

  • Creating space in your schedule  for passion projects and self-care through a rigorous time management overhaul;

  • Celebrating your forward momentum.

Standard Transformative Coaching sessions are 60 minutes.

Integrative Coaching

My Integrative Coaching builds on the foundation of Transformative Coaching, incorporating personally tailored yoga therapy, breathing, guided meditation and Reiki to unlock physical and emotional healing, address trauma, addiction, and burnout, cultivate overall balance, and generate momentum to move through major blockages and transformations. Every session is tailored to ensure that the dynamic path of each individual is matched with a recipe for healing and continued growth.

Integrative Coaching sessions are 75 or 90 minutes.

team building

My niche team building offering brings this transformative coaching practice to groups. I integrate my experience with team building, training, and management in 20 countries as well as a decade of meditation training (including completion of two meditation teacher trainings) to help your team better focus, engage and reflect; make more intuitive, discerning decision; maximize efficiency and minimize stress. Drawing from a range of modalities, I’ll work with you and your team to tailor a training that introduces quick and simple tools and practices mindfulness practices that can be easily embedded into the workday to achieve better results with greater ease.

Sessions are tailored to your team’s needs.


Benefits Include:

  • Clarity on direction and vision of work, livelihood, and passionprojects.

  • Strengthened resilience to handle stressors and triggers in work and personal life.


  • Increased energy and momentum to move passed obstacles and take on new challenges.



  • Expanded experience of wellness, balance & fulfillment

  • Routine of daily and weekly actions, practices and rituals to generate and momentum and progress with self-care and well-being


  • more EASEFUL AND JOYFUL RELATIONSHIPS with loved ones, teams and clients

Sessions are individually tailored and offered in person or via Zoom.