My Offerings

integrative Coaching & team building

I coach active and aspiring entrepreneurs, creative and transitioning professionals and others to hone the intuition and harness the momentum to navigate big, exciting changes that align path with purpose. I use an intuitive, results-oriented coaching methodology that generates a clear, authentic vision of your path forward; creates an actionable roadmap balancing steady progress with relentless practices of self-care and mindfulness; and establishes both accountability for and joyful celebration of your forward movement.

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yoga therapy & Healing Arts

My healing arts modalities include yoga therapy — incorporating personally tailored yoga postures, breathing and guided meditation from the Hatha, Kundalini and Buddhist traditions — and Reiki. These practices unlock physical and emotional healing, address trauma, addiction, and burnout, and cultivate overall balance, well-being, and ease, and supports you in generating the momentum to move through major blockages and transformations. Sessions can be stand-alone or integrated with Coaching.

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yoga & meditation instruction

My yoga and meditation instructions draws on sixteen years of practice, eight years of teaching, and over 800 hours of training in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini yoga, Buddhist meditation, and numerous other trauma-sensitive somatic practices and techniques. Accessible to all levels, my classes are designed to challenge habitual patterns while cultivating awareness, resilience, and joy. I currently teach in Hudson and Catskill, NY, as well as retreats and events in the Hudson Valley, NYC, and surrounding areas.

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fall INTO NEW patterns program


This work will support you to clear the path and lay the foundation to dive into a new project, plan, routine or relationship by investigating and unraveling habitual patterns that are undermining your highest potential. We will create a crystal clear, unique and authentic vision of what you want to create in your life and livelihood; generate an aspirational and actionable roadmap towards achieving it; infuse you with the momentum, self-care routine, and healing resources to support you as you unfurl it. Packages can be structured to integrate healing arts sessions as desired.