My vision is a world in which inspiration, fulfillment, purpose and joy are the status quo.


I’ve trained and certified in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini yoga; mindfulness-based meditation; yoga therapy; and Joanna Lindenbaum’s deeply transformational modality of coaching. Through these paths and lineages I’ve received the tools and practices to guide others through big life changes with courage, serenity, and grace.


I know how it feels to take big leaps.

For over a decade I rose up through an exciting, successful career in the field of international economic and community development, working with teams from Afghanistan to Botswana to Colombia in industries ranging from horticulture to hospitality to post-conflict recovery. I earned a Masters Degree in International Development Studies from the University of London and a BA in History & Near Eastern Studies from Cornell University with all kinds of honors. For decades I worked myself into the ground to prove my worth, and had no concept of how to rest, relax, or enjoy life. I juggled addictions, avoided real relationships, and cultivated an intricate facade of success and happiness to mask what was really going on.

In 2011, burned out and craving purpose, I left my full-time consulting career and began to “recycle myself,” as my mother would say. Slowly, with the guidance of yoga and meditation teachers and healing arts practitioners, I began to decompress and revive. I started a non-profit, then another successful business. I began teaching yoga. I wrote a novel. I stripped away the veneer of success and accomplishment and, over the years, found a true identity—and real happiness—underneath. It took deep inner work and guidance from powerful teachers, healers, and coaches every step of the way.

A relentless seeker and savvy problem solver, when I’m not working with incredible people you’ll find me hiking, cycling, gardening, baking, exploring…and always practicing.