Align Your Path With Your Purpose


Aspire to live a life of fulfillment, fruition & joy?

Maybe you’ve already taken a plunge towards your true calling, but are stuck in murky waters trying to make it work. Maybe you’re daydreaming about going for it, and on the brink of healing whatever is holding you back. Or maybe you’re seeking clarity on what your calling truly is. Deep down, we always know what we’re called towards — whether a new kind of work or a new way of being — and how to make it happen.

I integrate a deeply intuitive, transformational coaching modality with personalized meditation and mindfulness training, yoga therapy, energy work, and business consulting.

Drawing from multiple modalities and lineages in which I’ve trained and practiced for twenty years, this integrative, transformative work digs deep to uproot and unravel self-limiting patterns and create positive momentum towards limitless potential. We tailor each session to your needs to unlock the motivation, intuition and clarity that will guide you on your own dynamic path.


Who I coach:

As a transformational coach I’m especially drawn to working with early stage and aspiring social, creative & wellness entrepreneurs and teams; but I really work with anyone on the verge or in the early stages of big life change — whether in livelihood, love, location or lasting commitment to wellness. My clients are mostly women who juggle fierce talents, inspiring projects and burning passions with fervor, but often too many balls to keep in the air. They are dreamers who are ready to shift into gear and take action towards their aspirations. They come to me seeking to anchor into rigorous self-care, unwavering intuition and relentless growth guided by the North Star of purpose, aiming towards boundless fulfillment and joy.

Sound like you?


Words from clients:



After many years in a complicated professional creative working environment, I felt I was at a crossroads in my personal career life. Adina’s guidance instantly set me free to bravely explore the path I was born to travel. Her healing intuition helped me address blocks that I didn’t even know were hindering my progress. Adina’s warm, generous, and gentle demeanor is matched by the clarity of her vision and the strength of her mission...

All Offerings:

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Integrative coaching

I coach active and aspiring entrepreneurs, transitioning professionals and and teams to hone the intuition and harness the momentum to navigate big, exciting changes and align livelihood with purpose. I use an intuitive, results-oriented coaching methodology that generates a clear, authentic vision of your path forward; creates an actionable roadmap balancing steady progress with relentless practices of self-care and mindfulness; and establishes both accountability for and joyful celebration of forward movement.


Yoga therapy & Healing arts

My healing arts modalities include yoga therapy — incorporating personally tailored yoga postures, breathing and guided meditation from the Hatha, Kundalini and Buddhist traditions — and Reiki. These practices unlock physical and emotional healing, address trauma, addiction, and burnout, and cultivate overall balance, well-being, and ease, and supports you in generating the momentum to move through major blockages and transformations. Sessions can be stand-alone or integrated with Coaching.

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Yoga & meditation instruction

My yoga and meditation instructions draws on sixteen years of practice, eight years of teaching, and over 800 hours of training in Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini yoga, Buddhist meditation, and numerous other trauma-sensitive somatic practices and techniques. Accessible to all levels, my classes are designed to challenge habitual patterns while cultivating awareness, resilience, and joy. I currently teach in Hudson and Catskill, NY, as well as retreats and events in the Hudson Valley, NYC, and surrounding areas.

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Fall Into New Patterns

Through November 2019 I’m honored to offer 6- and 9-session coaching packages at sliding scale rates.

This work will support you to clear the path and lay the foundation to dive into a new project, plan, routine or relationship by investigating and unraveling habitual patterns that are undermining your highest potential.



I host individual and group yoga, meditation, wellness and coaching retreats at my home in the hudson valley.