Align Your Path With Your Purpose.

With Integrative, Transformative Coaching


Catalyze your own dynamic path.

We all get stuck.

Sometimes for days…sometimes for years.

Deep down though, we always know what we’re being called towards — whether a new kind of livelihood or a new way of being.


I integrate a deeply intuitive, transformational coaching modality…

with personalized yoga therapy and energy work, meditation and mindfulness training, and aspects of traditional business consulting when called for. Drawing from multiple modalities and lineages in which I’ve trained and practiced for twenty years, this integrative, transformative work digs deep to uproot and unravel self-limiting patterns and harness the insight that will guide you forward. Each session is tailored to your needs to unlock the motivation, intuition, and momentum to guide you on your own dynamic path.



These are my available offerings.

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transformative coaching

I coach active and aspiring entrepreneurs, transitioning professionals and others to hone the intuition and harness the momentum to navigate big, exciting changes in livelihood and life. I use an intuitive, results-oriented coaching methodology that generates a clear, authentic vision of your path forward; creates an actionable roadmap balancing steady progress with relentless practices of self-care and mindfulness; and establishes both accountability for and joyful celebration of forward movement.


Meditation & Yoga Therapy

I offer yoga therapy sessions that incorporate personally tailored yoga postures, breathing, guided meditation and Reiki to unlock physical and emotional healing, address trauma, addiction, and burnout, and cultivate overall balance and well-being. Through this healing you’ll generate the momentum to move through major blockages and transformations. I incorporate Hatha and Kundalini yoga and multiple styles of meditation and healing arts.

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integrative team building

This niche offering merges mindfulness training and transformative coaching with team building, employing basic meditation and mindfulness tools and practices to maximize effectiveness, impact and fulfillment of teams. Mindfulness training helps leaders and teams focus, engage, and reflect; make sharper, more intuitive decisions; use time more efficiently; communicate more effectively; minimize and mitigate stress; recharge fully; and maximize contentment, fulfillment, and joy. 

After many years in a complicated professional creative working environment, I felt I was at a crossroads in my personal career life. Adina’s guidance instantly set me free to bravely explore the path I was born to travel….